EHEH 26-09-2018 MIL

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EHEH 26-09-2018 MIL

Post by N852VELED »

All times UTC
1250/____ HAF356C C130 751
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Re: EHEH 26-09-2018 MIL

Post by Bennie »

BRK14 departed for the Middle East this morning. ADS-B has C-17A 01.
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Re: EHEH 26-09-2018 MIL

Post by remcom »

ETD for the 751 please?
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Re: EHEH 26-09-2018 MIL

Post by Pauljos2001 »

EHEH/GLV-V AREA (within 5km radius) volgens DeWoertVRS/scannernet/ads-b/mode-s/ MIL-log:
-- Icao Registration Altitude Callsign Speed Aircraft_Model_Icao Aircraft_Model Manufacturer Operator Operator_Icao_Code Squawk --

480C1A V-11 175 NAF11 117.1 GLF4 Gulfstream Aerospace GIV Gulfstream Aerospace Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAF334SQN 6332 07:02Lt/15:15lt als NAF61/15:41Lt/19:06Lt
477FF1 01 900 BRK14 160 C17 Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Boeing NATO NATOC17 0172 1728
480C03 G-273 850 NAF73 174.5 C130 Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules Lockheed Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFC-130 3601 10:02Lt NATO 09:59Lt/12:06Lt/12:24Lt/14:02Lt als NAF74/15:39Lt
44F678 ST-41 100 BAF151 102.4 F260 SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 D SIAI-Marchetti Belgian Air Component BAFSF260 2611 -640 Belgium 14:24Lt
4682EF 751 175 HAF356C 117.1 C130 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Lockheed Greek Air Force HAF356MTM_GREY 2301 -576 Greece 14:59Lt
regards, P.
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