EHEH 18-09-2018 MIL

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EHEH 18-09-2018 MIL

Post by Joostmil »

Today at 13:00lt a USAF C130 is expected to arrive from Shannon as RCH271. Also the two civil M28’s are expected to arrive around that time.
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Re: EHEH 18-09-2018 MIL

Post by Marijn »

Then this will be C-130H 92-3284 934 AW "Flying Vikings" with special black/white 'invasion stripes' around its aft fuselage.
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Stephan Lodewijks
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Re: EHEH 18-09-2018 MIL

Post by Stephan Lodewijks »

Currently on deck, all at apron East:
92-0552 C-130H 700th AS, 94th AW, AFRC
92-3284/6Z C-130H3 96th AS, 934th AW, AFRC (invasion stripes on wings and aft fuselage, big colorful Flying Vikings Minnesota badge on nose)
D-CPDB M 28 Skytruck Luftwaffe
D-CPDA M 28 Skytruck Luftwaffe
023 C.295M (13.eltr, 8.BLTr)
Unfortunately non of these are parked in a suitable way for (night) photography from P4.

Outside at apron West (they're probably clearing the hangar again to accommodate large numbers of para troopers):
P-254 F-84F forward fuselage (stored or Onderwijs Dock?)
J-235 F-16A Onderwijs Dock
C-8 F.27-300M Onderwijs Dock


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Re: EHEH 18-09-2018 MIL

Post by Pauljos2001 »

EHEH AREA volgens DeWoertVRS/scannernet/ads-b/mode-s/ MIL-log:
-- Icao Registration Altitude Callsign Speed Aircraft_Model_Icao Aircraft_Model Manufacturer Operator Operator_Icao_Code Squawk --

480C03 G-273 1075 NAF73 163 C130 Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules Lockheed Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFC-130 3666 12:19Lt/13:22Lt
ADFE7D 92-3284 800 RCH271 141 C130 Lockheed C130H Hercules United States Air Force 328AS 6316 -640 United States 13:18Lt
480C02 T-264 675 NAF42 126.8 DC10 Douglas DC-10 KDC-10 Douglas Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFKDC-10 4114 22:10Lt
regards, P.
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