Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

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Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

Post by attila.szabo »

I'm missing one F-35 serialnumber, who can help me?

13-5077/HL rtb
13-5079/HL rtb
13-5081/HL rtb
13-5083/HL rtb

15-5166/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
15-5173/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
15-5183/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
15-5195/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
15-5200/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS CO "421FS"
15-5202/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
17-5239/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
17-5245/LF F-35A 388FW/421FS
17-5248/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
17-5251/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
17-5252/HL F-35A 388FW/421FS
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Re: Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

Post by Starfighter_F-104G »

15-5203 HL F-35A 421FS/388FW
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Re: Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

Post by Worldnis »

I have noted that several reports have come from Spangdahlem about the HL F-35's.

In general the deployment is part of Theatre Security Package. The unit is named 421 EFS (E for expeditionary), the core belonging to 421 FS.

17-5245/LF is obviously a loaner from Luke. Several have put 308 FS in as the unit. While they are indeed the latest/newest unit in Luke (also for the training of Dutch and Danish pilots), there is no 308 FS emblem on the aircraft. It has 56 FW (Luke) on the air intake and AETC badge on the tail. It does not have the 4FS or 421FS. Where did this knowledge of the unit come from (yes it's in the Scramble db, but copying not allowed in reporting :D )

I will put up an aircraft / squadron noted list in my 28/06 report

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Re: Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

Post by Jutter »

F-35 unit markings

Most of the F-35's belong to the 421FS, but the 5166 and 5195 have the 4FS insignia on the left air intake. On the tail they wear a different marking as the 421FS do as well.
The 5173 and 5183 also have the same tail marking as the 5166 and 5195, so they are or their appearance is 4FS.

I saw 10 out of 12 F-35's
The ones I did not see are 5203 and 5248, so no unit check for these.

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Re: Req: HL F-35 s/n ?

Post by Ecm »

5081 and 5083 didn't return to conus. They are still at LN.
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