ETAR 22-02-2020

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ETAR 22-02-2020

Post by remcom »

Log from the fence; 8.30 - 16.00, nice to be outside until 15.00....

kc-10a 79-1948 60amw dep
c-130j-30 07-8608/rs dep
c-130j-30 08-3176/rs dep
c-17a 00-0176 155as ang arr
c-17a 01-0187 62aw dep
c-17a 03-3114 183as ang arr
c-17a 94-0065 155as ang arr
c-17a 10-0214 437aw dep
kc-130j 166514/bh vmgr252 dep/arr/dep

e-8c 02-9111/ga 128accs
c-5m 85-0008 9as
c-17a 00-0182 167as ang
c-17a 97-0042 155as ang
c-17a 00-0180 758as afrc
c-17a 07-7177 3as
c-17a 07-7178 437aw
c-17a 07-7183 437aw
c-17a 04-4137 6as

c-130j-30 15-5822/rs
c-130j-30 08-8602/rs
c-130j-30 16-5840/rs
c-130j-30 11-5736/rs
c-130j-30 15-5831/rs
c-130j-30 07-8614/rs
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