ETAR 12-08-2016

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Joris Heeren
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ETAR 12-08-2016

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A visit in the morning produced the following:
03 C-17A HAW
40061 C-5M 436AW hot cargo
50002 C-5M 436AW
... C-5M 60AMW hangar
60002 C-17A 437AW
70042 C-17A 155AS/TNANG
90059 C-17A 62AW
10187 C-17A 62AW
10194 C-17A 89AS/AFRC
21100 C-17A 155AS/TNANG
21109 C-17A 62AW
66154 C-17A 60AMW
77169 C-17A 436AW
77176 C-17A 436AW
77178 C-17A 305AMW
77179 C-17A 60AMW
77180 C-17A 437AW
88191 C-17A 437AW hot cargo
85685 C-130J-30 317AG
85705 C-130J-30 317AG
23572 KC-135R 117ARS/KSANG

plus two white C-20's/C-37's near the resident Hercs. I didn't pay attention to these local Hercs of which some were practising approaches.

Anyone for the hangared Super Galaxy?

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