ETAR 17-6-2016

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ETAR 17-6-2016

Post by catbird »

Ramstein 17-6

C160 GAF 50+51 GAF016 arr

C20 USAF 40375 VALOR 37 arr

C17A USAF 88201/Mccord RCH127 arr

KC135 USAF 91522/IL.ANG RCH983 dep

C160 FAF R214/64-GN Olive 61 arr

KC135 USAF 91463/Neb.ANG RCH557 dep

KC135 USAF 10319/Wis.ANG RCH023 dep

C17A USAF 00177/NY.ANG RCH975 arr

C130H PolAF 1504 PolAF250 dep

C130H PolAF 1501 PolAF252 dep

C5M USAF 60020/Dover RCH317 arr

C130J USAF 43142/RS Outlaw 11 arr

C17A USAF 70045/NY.ANG RCH647 arr

C130J USAF 88603/RS Herky 91 arr

C130J USAF 88604/RS Herky 92 arr

C130J RAF ZH882 RRR5821 dep

C17A USAF 44133/McGuire RCH559 dep

C130J RAF ZH878 RRR5829 dep

C17A USAF 00177/NY.ANG RCH975 dep

C17A USAF 10187/Mccord RCH305 arr

C17A USAF 88198/Charleston RCH207 arr

C17A USAF 55143/Whr.Patterson RCH556 dep
Koen L
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Re: ETAR 17-6-2016

Post by Koen L »

Are you sure about RCH023? Think it should be 61-0309. Also, PLF250 was 1503 according to some others.
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Re: ETAR 17-6-2016

Post by Jovel »

40375? I think you mean C-20 20375.
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Richard de Florennes
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Re: ETAR 17-6-2016

Post by Richard de Florennes »

Weather: broken clouds, light rain showers, wind, cool, bcmg. warm,
with longer sunny spells, thunderstorms at distance during afternoon

C-21A 86thAW 40083 bl T07:35 a0
C-21A 86thAW 40126 bl T11:03 a1
C-160D LTG 61 50+51 L09:03 T12:12
C-160R ET00.064 R214/64-GN L10:30 T13:15
C-17A 62ndAW 30601 gn/wt L09:09
C-17A 62ndAW 88201 gn/wt L10:58
C-17A 62ndAW 10187 gn/wt L15:29
C-20H 86thAW 20375 - L09:19
C-130J 86thAW 43142/RS bl/wt T10:33 L12:50
C-130J 86thAW 88601/RS bl/wt '86 AW' T11:05 L13:03
C-5M 436thAW 50001 bl/yw T09:28
C-17A 437thAW 10191 yw/bl L15:33
C-5M 436thAW 60020 bl/yw L13:05
KC-135R 126thARW 91522 bl/rd IL ANG T11:20
KC-135R 128thARW 10309 wt/rd WI ANG T11:30
KC-135R 155thARW 91463 wt/rd NE ANG T11:37
C-130E 33.BLTr 1503 T11:51
C-130E 33.BLTr 1501 T12:35
C-17A 105thAW 00177 bl/wt NY ANG L12:45
C-17A 105thAW 70045 bl/wt NY ANG L13:10
C-130J 86thAW 88603/RS bl/wt '37 AS' L13:29
C-130J 86thAW 88604/RS bl/wt L13:31
Hercules C.4 BNTW ZH882 T13:43
Hercules C.5 BNTW ZH878 T15:03
C-130J 917thAG 83173 flg T13:22 L15:24
C-130J 917thAG 05701 flg T14:30 L16:40
C-130J 917thAG 85726 flg T14:52 L18:02
C-130J 917thAG 85693 flg T14:52 L18:02
C-17A 305thAMW 44133 bl/yw T14:43
C-17A 445thAMW 55143 wt/rd T15:36
C-130H 130thAW 56710 bl/yw WV ANG T14:14 L16:24
C-130H 130thAW 56711 bl/yw WV ANG T14:35 L16:30
C-130H 130thAW 56712 bl/yw WV ANG T14:57 L16:53
C-130H 139thAW 16533 gy/bk MO ANG T15:08 L17:08
= correct 11653 ???
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Re: ETAR 17-6-2016

Post by TvanD »

Richard de Florennes wrote: C-130H 139thAW 16533 gy/bk MO ANG T15:08 L17:08
= correct 11653 ???
91-1653 "St Joseph" indeed, flew as "Fallon.."
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