EHLW 16-9-2021

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EHLW 16-9-2021

Post by lievers-online »

Morning Mission
F-35A 322sq: F-009, F-010, F-014, F-017
F-16AM 312sq: J-514, J-515 (a lone `F-16 left just before 11:30 anybody?)
F-16AM 2w: FA129, FA81, FA127, + one that returned before i arrived
F-16CM 480thFS/SP: 90-0818, 91-0344, 96-0080, 91-0360
F-35A 332 skv: 5148, 5387

Afternoon mission ? (anybody)
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Re: EHLW 16-9-2021

Post by MikeR »

The missing BAF F16 is FA-132 :wink:
In thrust, we trust
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Re: EHLW 16-9-2021

Post by roberto »

Lone F16 was J-014 c/s DIANA back to Volkel

Er was alleen een lokale missie van 322 aan het begin van de middag
Bolt1/2 F-014/016
Polly1/2 F-009/010
En de QRA van KB maakte nog even een overshoot FA-123/131 AL01/02
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