TLP 21-4

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TLP 21-4

Post by pavewaygbu10 »

This is the participants and support aircraft list until today 27 november.

Day 8/11/21.
Arrive: 1x FAF CN235 FRAII (111) support. Departure 8/11.

Day 11/11/21.
Arrive: 2x MMI AV8B+ Harrier 1-05 MM7201, 1-08 MM7214 participants.

Day 12/11/21.
Arrive: 4x AMI Eurofighter. 36-34 MM7312, 36-54 MM7349, 51-03 MM7314, 51-10 MM7318 participants.

Day 15/11/21.
Arrive: 1x FAF A400 F-RBAR (110) support. Departure 15/11.

Day 18/11/21.
Arrive: 1x HAF C130 Hércules (747) support. Departure 19/11.
8x GAF Tornado: 46+28, 46+24, 45+20, 45+35, 44+16, 44+23, 43+38, 46+40 participants.
7x GAF Eurofighter: 30+49, 30+53, 30+76, 31+19, 30+94, 30+64, 31+18 participants.
4x HAF F16 block30: 115, 118, 128, 139 participants.
4x FAF M2000D: 3-JO(627), 3-XO(629), 3-JU(614), 3-JV(636) participants.
1x civil B737 TAY5121 ASL Airliner F-GZTO support Nato Sentry, departure 18/11.

Day 19/11/21.
Arrive: 3x FAF M2000D: 3-XR(659), 3-XG(625), 3-XL(603) participants.
3x SpAF EF-18M: 12-08, 12-15, 12-20 participants.
1x E3 NATO AWACS: LX-N90448 participant.
5x FAF M2000-5: 2-FZ(41), 2-EP(47), 2-ET(57), 2-ME(61), 2-MH(67)
1X GAF A400 54+28 support departure 19/11.
1x AMI C130 Hercules MM62195 46-61 support. departure 19/11.
1x Civil Learjet GFD70 D-CGFD participant departure 24/11.
1x FAF C130 hercules 61-PC support departure 20/11.
Day 22/11/21.
Arrive: After mission arrived a FAF Mirage2000-5 callsing FAF7101 serial n/a.

Day 25/11/21.
Arrive: 1x Civil Learjet GFD D-CGFC participant.

Day 26/11/21.
Arrive: 1x Spanish navy SH-60F callsing MORSA22 code n/a CSAR participant.

Best regards from Spain.
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Re: TLP 21-4

Post by CJ »

The Spanish Navy SH-60F was 01-1016 (which should make it HT.23-15; impossible to see on picture)
The other CSAR participant was EdA NH90TTH HD.29-17 / 803-17 / 10236.
Both flew on November 29 & 30 and both left on December 1st.

LX-N90448 left on Nov 29, while its replacement LX-N90454 arrived on the same day.

Presumably unrelated to TLP was a lunchtime visit on Dec 1st by FAMET AS332B HU.21-19 / ET-517
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Re: TLP 21-4

Post by CUJO »

a few additions:
Slow mover on 30.11.2021 was C.295M T.21-03/35-03 of Ala35,
LX-N90454 flew back before the mission to Geilenkirchen on 01.12.2021,
LX-N90448 arrived in the late evening that day and flew a mission on 02.12.2021.
Visitor related to TLP that day was Hellenic Air Force C-130H 752 of 356.MTM/112.PM
On 02.12.2021:
Presumably unrelated to TLP were lunchtime visitors F-5Bs AE.9-28/23-17 & AE.9-31/23-20
while EF.2000Ts CE.16-09/11-09 & CE.16-13-10005/11-13 just left before the TLP launch and didn't return (11-13 arrived 29.11.)
Overshooting was C.101E.25-78/79-02/5 of Esc794/AGA in Patrulla Aguila c/s.
Active this morning were the following EF.2000s:
C.16-60-10040/14-60; C.16-68-10091/14-68;
C.16-70-10145/14-28; C.16-78-10235/14-78.
Also active were Mirage 2000-5 41/2-FZ; 47/2-EP; 57/2-ET; 61/2-ME
and 2000D 603/3-XL; 625/3-XG; 636/3-JV; 659/3-XR

And the markings on the Mirages:
41 SPA26
47 SPA3
57 SPA26/SPA103/SPA3
61 SPA3
67 SPA3
603 none
614 none
625 1.GC III/3
627 none
629 2.GC II/3
636 none
659 SPA48

Tornados IDS were all from TaktLwG 33 while the ECRs were from TaktLwG 51 while with the German Typhoons
30+49; 30+64 & 31+19 were from TaktLwG 73 while the others carried all the badge of TaktLwG 74.
Of the hellenic F-16s only 139 didn't has any markings, the reminder had the 330.Mira falcon and flash.

Best regards Cujo
Jan H
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Re: TLP 21-4

Post by Jan H »

@ Cujo, Thank you for the information. Much appreciated!

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