Spangdahlem 27 & 28-8-2018

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Scramble Senior
Scramble Senior
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Spangdahlem 27 & 28-8-2018

Post by Jutter »

Been 2 x 2 days to Spang to collect the Raptors. Had lots of sun shine but a cloudy day as well. Used that day to make some burner shots.

ImageSpangdahlem_20180827_021 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180827_024 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180827_040 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180827_046 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180827_276 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_006 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_083 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_166 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_195 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_223 by Menno, on Flickr

ImageSpangdahlem_20180828_251 by Menno, on Flickr

Kilo Bravo
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Scramble Rookie
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Re: Spangdahlem 27 & 28-8-2018

Post by Kilo Bravo »

Great shots. Specially the first five. Thanks for sharing!!
Scramble Rookie
Scramble Rookie
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Re: Spangdahlem 27 & 28-8-2018

Post by fisherman »

:respect: Lovely set, I just love all that heat!
F-4F Phantom
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Re: Spangdahlem 27 & 28-8-2018

Post by F-4F Phantom »

Nice shots Menno!
We had some nice days (total off 6) over there to catch the Raptors.
And it was nice to meet you.

Marcel Kiewik
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