Exercise Hotblade 2021 - Beja

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Exercise Hotblade 2021 - Beja

Post by Trabanti »

Didn't see any mention here yet, but in case I overlooked, please remove/add my post.

Austrian PC-7s (min. 3), (3x?) Dutch CH-47s, at least 2 FAP F-16's (an AM and a BM took part in the elephant walk), various rotorcraft and a P-3P operating out of here at the moment.

An Austrian C-130 seems to be inbound now, exercise might be ending.

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Re: Exercise Hotblade 2021 - Beja

Post by Hurricane »

Additional information can be found on the AFP-Flickr-page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/forcaaere ... 9471430904

Some participants according to the Flickr photos:
NLD CH-47D: D-101, 102, 662, 667.
NLD AS532U2: S-440, 444, 454.

AUT OH-58: 3C-OK (spec c/s) + 2.
AUT PC-7: 3H-FD +3.
AUT C-130K: 3T-CB (14-6-21 visitor)

SLV AS532AL: H3-74.
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