Great Tn Airshow Smyrna,Tn June 5-6 2021

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Great Tn Airshow Smyrna,Tn June 5-6 2021

Post by pilotman6012 »

Low clouds and some rain over the weekend so mostly low show for everybody,here is the MIL stuff,what i could some of the aircraft were parked way away from everybody the EA-18 and F/A-18 had all their unit markings removed just the modex on nose and tail,although the unit markings was still visible almost faded in with other gray around it:

E-2D 600 169081 VAW-121
C-17A 0042 97-0042 155Th As/164Th Aw
T-38C 166 CB 68-8166 50Th Fts/14Th Ftw
T-38C 129 EN 68-8129 469Th Fts/80Th Ftw
T-38C 355 EN 66-4355 469Th Fts/80Th Ftw
UH-60L 046 88-26046 1-230Th Avn TR D TN ARNG
T-45C 118 165461 TAW-1
T-45C 170 165612 TAW-1
MV-22B 19/8691 GX 168691 VMMT-204
MV-22B 20/8692 GX 168692 VMMT-204
EA-18G 542 168903 VAQ-129
EA-18G 567 168939 VAQ-129
F/A-18 112 165916 VFA-122
F/A-18 123 ??????? VFA-122
C-2A 41 162172 VRC-40
F-35C 425 NJ 169030 VFA-125
F-35C 436 NJ ??????? VFA-125
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Re: Great Tn Airshow Smyrna,Tn June 5-6 2021

Post by josephmlt »

Any possible link with photos please?
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