NAS Pensacola, Blue Angels home comming Air Show 2019

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NAS Pensacola, Blue Angels home comming Air Show 2019

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9 november 2019: gate:
161961/1 F/A-18A Blue Angels

137813/AJ-301 A-4D.1 VA 83, USN
144865/75 EA-3B USN also N875RS
124598/WF-12 F-10B USN
159825/114 F-14A USN cockpit only
162710/AD-266 F-14A VF 101, USN
163468/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels
09771/4P RC-45J NATTU Pensacola
166400 RQ-8A USN
54532/5 SBD-5 Dauntless USN also NL82GA
138331/SE-750 T-28B USMC also N8331R, NAF Da Nang
138228/8278 T-34A USN also N34AF
161842/E-842 T-34C TAW 5
163650/F-600 T-45C VT 86 spec.c/s
144226/226 TT-1 Pinto USN also N7752A
71-0295 A-7D USAF cockpit only
44-73843/G-Q-P P-51D USAF also NL10601
94-0115/AP T-1A 451 FTS spec.c/s
99-3549/AP T-6A 455 FTS “A-YU”, spec.c/s
50-0267/SE-751 T-28A USAF also N367NA, NAF Da Nang
68-8167/CB T-38C 50 FTS
51-11638 C-45H USAR also N75BB
64-13697 UH-1H Florida Forrest Service also N121FC
15060/WB OY-1 Sentinel USCG/USAR also N9315H, “Nasty Break”
021 UAV Northrop-Grumman
N824BM/119 TH-119 USN/Leonardo
51-341B Ryan Navion no mil.history also N46CW
N611HP Cessna 182T Florida Highway Patrol

163606/F-624 T-45C VT 86
163648/F-616 T-45C VT 86
163658/F-613 T-45C VT 86
165060/F-611 T-45C VT 86
165064/F-604 T-45C VT 86
167098/F-622 T-45C VT 86

Blue Angels:
163439/1 F/A-18C Blue Angels
163462/2 F/A-18C Blue Angels
163429/3 F/A-18C Blue Angels
163766/4 F/A-18C Blue Angels
162411/5 F/A-18C Blue Angels

165959/F-959 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165980/F-980 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6

92-0334/AP T-1A 451 FTS “479FTG”
92-0348/AP T-1A 451 FTS
93-0631/AP T-1A 451 FTS
94-0121/AP T-1A 451 FTS
94-0129/AP T-1A 451 FTS
94-0131/AP T-1A 451 FTS

95-3009/AP T-6A 455 FTS
99-3551/AP T-6A 455 FTS
03-6201/AP T-6A 455 FTS
03-6202/AP T-6A 455 FTS
03-6203/AP? T-6A 455 FTS
03-6204/AP T-6A 455 FTS
05-3779/AP T-6A 455 FTS
06-3830/AP T-6A 455 FTS
07-3905/AP T-6A 455 FTS
08-3938/AP T-6A 455 FTS
08-3941/AP T-6A 455 FTS
08-3943/AP T-6A 455 FTS

00-0221/SW F-16C 20 FW Viper Demo
01-7050/SW F-16C 20 FW Viper Demo
169631/NJ-106 F-35C VFA 125
6016 MH-60T USCG Mobile
N65370/1 Harvard II Geico Sky Typers ex RCAF 2562
N60734/2 SNJ-2 Geico Sky Typers ex USN 2032
N52900/3 SNJ-2 Geico Sky Typers ex USN 2010
N7648E/4 SNJ-3 Geico Sky Typers ex SAAF 7648
N58224/5 SNJ-2 Geico Sky Typers ex USN 2553
N1364J/6 T-6G Harvard Geico Sky Typers ex It.AF MM53655
92468/530 F-4U-1D (FG-1D) USN also N9964Z
50-1422 O-1A USAF also N5073W “21096”
41-8011/470 A75N1 Stearman USAF also N95DA
41-00893 A75N1 Stearman USAF also N52014
42-1580442 A75N1 Stearman USAF also N42PW
29948/469 N2S-4 Kaydett USN also N59901

Hangar behind storage platform museum:
165062/F-614 T-45C VT 86
166000/F-000 T-6A VT 10
165992/F-992 T-6A VT 10
165999/F-999 T-6A VT 10

Storageplatform Naval museum:
Operational aircraft parked here during the air show:
163451/2 F/A-18C Blue Angels
…./5 F/A-18C Blue Angels
…./7 F/A-18D Blue Angels
…./7 F/A-18 Blue Angels
165976/F-976 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165979/F-979 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165982/F-982 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165985/F-985 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165986/F-986 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165987/F-987 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165994/F-994 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6
165996/F-996 T-6A VT 10/TAW 6

Stored aircraft Naval museum:
9735 MiG-21 Pol.AF
164578/HF-74 AH-1W HMLA 269, USMC
145864/YF-9 CH-37C HMRM 461, USMC
149798/QB KC-130F USMC
157349/RF-34 RF-4B USMC
151891 TC-130G USMC, Blue Angles c/s
161515/5B UC-12B USMC
150227/YL-42 UH-34D USMC
7236 HU-16E USCG
66304/V-514 PB4Y-2G USCG
41-39215 A-26B USAF
43-47350/14 C-46A USAF as '39611'
130418 AJ-2 Savage USN
136754/754 C-1A USN
163511/JS-511 C-9B USN
50821/821 C-117D USN
141015/615 C-131F USN
148146/AE-711 E-1B VAW 121, USN
158029 EA-6B USN no tail
143221/MH-3 EC-121K USN
135418/TB-8 EKA-3B USN
122479 F-6U.1 USN
131230/O-401 F-9.F8 USN
163502/NK-307 F/A-18C USN
163508/SH-237 F/A-18C USN
…./- F/A-18C Blue Angels
163444/6 F/A-18C Blue Angels
152152/PJ-01 P-3A VP 69, USN
162776/776 P-3C AIP+ USN
46602 PBY-5A USN
37230/Z-291 PV-2 Ventura USN
156624/AJ-601 RA-5C USN
151647/AW-334 S-2E CVSGR 70, USN
19866 SB-2C Helldiver USN wreck
156484/AU-60 SH-3H HS 3, USN
112121 SNJ-6Texan USN
141234/PG SP-2H USN
157058/A-967 T-2C USN
140813 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
140818 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
140868 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
140876 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
140926 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
140929 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
144044 T-34B USN “Fly Navy”
158094/A-700 TA-4J USN
155722/NJ-850 TC-4C USN
151268 UH-1E USN

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Fred Jansen
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Ronny Jansen
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