London Int. Airshow 08 and 09 september 2018

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London Int. Airshow 08 and 09 september 2018

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130335/335 CC-130H 8 Wing CAF
188787/787 CF-188A 425 sqn CAF
188748/748 CF-188A 425 sqn CAF
188769/769 CF-188A 433 sqn CAF
188776/776 spec c/s CF-188A 401 sqn CAF
188938/938 CF-188A 425 sqn CAF
155217/"KB799 VR W" CT-155 NFTC CAF dep 09
156125/125 CT-156 NFTC CAF
156116/116 CT-156 NFTC CAF
114054/1 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114051/2 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114009/3 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114090/4 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114109/5 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114096/6 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114143/7 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114033/8 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114071/9 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114131/10 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
114058/11 CT-114 Snowbirds CAF
146422/422 CH-146 424 sqn CAF
146450/450 CH-146 nn CAF dep 08
86-0025 "Dover" C-5M 436th AW USAF
87-0119 "Travis" KC-10A 60th AMW USAF
98-0054 "Charleston" C-17A 437th AW USAF
78-0684/DM A-10A 357th FS USAF
79-0202/DM "355OG" A-10A 355th OG USAF
81-0975/MI A-10A 107th FS / 127th FW USAF
78-0641/MI A-10A 107th FS / 127th FW USAF
86-0189/SJ F-15E 335th FS USAF
89-0498/SJ F-15E 335th FS USAF
00-0221/SW F-16C 20th FW USAF
93-0540/SW "930540" F-16C 20th FW USAF
93-0536/SW F-16C 77th FS USAF
92-3925 "South Car." F-16D 157th FS SC ANG USAF
02-0031/TY F-22A 34th FS USAF
01-0023/TY F-22A 34th FS USAF
15-5135/LF F-35A 63th FS USAF
15-5179/LF F-35A 63th FS USAF
62-3691/FF "Ironman" T-38A 71st FTS USAF
62-3722/FF "Ironman" T-38A 71st FTS USAF
66-3402/WM "Follow us" T-38A 394th CTS USAF
92-1451 "Peoria" C-130H 182nd AW IL ANG US ANG
93-2041 "Peoria" C-130H 182nd AW IL ANG US ANG arr & dep 08
08-5683 "Dyess" C-130J 317th AG USAF
01-1935/1935 EC-130J 193rd SOS / PA ANG US ANG
57-1436 "Tennessee" KC-135R 134th ARW TN ANG US ANG
63-8015 "Alaska" KC-135R 168th ARW AK ANG US ANG
64-14831 KC-135R 161st ARW AZ ANG US ANG
62-4129/OF TC-135W 38th RS / 55th Wing USAF
169335/335 P-8A VP- USN
168921/AG-101 F/A-18E VFA-143 USN dep 09
168922/AG-102 F/A-18E VFA-143 USN dep 09
168923/AG-143 F/A-18E VFA-143 USN dep 09
168847/NJ-111 F-35C VFA-101 USN
C-FUPP/133573 CT-133
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