RE: Colourful Retiree Story

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RE: Colourful Retiree Story

Post by planefixer »

There doesn't seem to be any way of directly replying to News Stories on your other pages [sorry, I don't use Facebook/Twitter] Nice story about the [just about] sill extant Gulfstream I. The only thing I have to question is the first line of the story "This 37-year old Gulfstream I (msn 175)"

37 years immediately struck me as being very young for a Gulfstream I and indeed when I consulted my records I have this aircraft as being manufactured in 1966 with a f/f on 20/01/1966, so 55 years old so not sure where the 37 years old has come from?
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michel N
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Re: RE: Colourful Retiree Story

Post by michel N »

It was withdrawn from service in 2003. So 37 years after its first flight. It stopped ageing after that I think...
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