Silk Avia orders ATR72-600s

Uzbekistan start-up Silk Avia has signed an agreement with ATR on 23 November 2022, which covers a firm order for three new ATR72-600s and the lease of two new ATR72-600s via an unspecified lessor. All five are scheduled to be delivered in 2023.

Silk Avia, which will be operating as a low-cost airline, is owned by Uzbekistan Airports and has the main goal to stimulate domestic tourism and business development. The airline is set to be launching early next year with three second-hand ATR72-600s and hopes to grow to a fleet of twelve ATR72-600s by 2025.

The livery of the start-up is inspired on colorful satin fabrics that are commonly sold in the region. The plan is to have various varieties of the livery on its fleet.

Illustration by ATR.

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