Lessor GTLK Europe orders 4 A321P2F

Airbus has announced it has signed a deal with Ireland-based lessor GTLK Europe for four A321P2Fs. Three of these are set to be converted this year, with the fourth in 2022. It's unclear if the lessor already has customers lined-up.

The A321P2F is developed by Airbus in close coorperation with its subidiary EFW and partner ST Engineering. Conversions for the A321 are currently being done at the Singapore-Seletar site of ST Engineering, which will be expanded with additional sites at Guangzhou (ST Engineering), San Antonio (TX) (VT San Antonio Aerospace) and Dresden (EFW). By 2023 these sites are expected to convert 25 A320/A321s per year.

Illustration by Airbus.

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