Interjet files for bankruptcy protection

Financial troubled Interjet has formally applied for bankruptcy protection in order to reorganise the airline and return to profitability. The airline, which was already struggling pre-Covid, has ceased all operations since 11 December due to the pandemic. The airline is the second Mexican-airline seeking bankruptcy protection, as Aeromexico is currently in the same situation. The airline hasn't been able to pay its staff for over half a year and both current and former co-worker have seized assets of the airline as leverage. Multiple lessors have also recalled the majority of their aircraft.

Interjet was established in 2005 and was only able to write a profit in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Currently, it has a fleet of three A320s and 22 SSJs, all of which are parked. In total the airline used to operate a much larger fleet of Airbus-aircraft, consisting of 53 A320s, seven A320neos. six A321s and eight A321neos.

Photo by Anton Homma.

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