Final pax DHC-8 delivered

On 28 July, the final newly built passenger DHC-8 was delivered. The aircraft, a DHC-8-400 registered C-GPPU (4624) is going to Air Tanzania and will become 5H-TCK. It was photographed by Sjaak Louwen when it passed through Rotterdam on its ferry-flight to Africa on 29 July.

The very final DHC-8 is c/n 4633, which will be delivered in the coming weeks to the Securit√© Civile and has already been spotted in Canada. Officially, DeHavilland has said it is pausing production as it needed to vacate its leased production facility at Toronto-Downsview. But, with many DHC-8-400s parked around the world, the business case for newly built may not be there anymore. In total, 630 DHC-8-400s have been produced.

Photo by Sjaak Louwen.

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