FAA certifies MAX200

The FAA has, quietly, certified the MAX200-variant of the B737MAX8. The B737-8200 is an increased capacity variant of the B737-8, seating up to 200 passengers. Due to this, the aircraft has additional overwing emergency exits and therefore required a seperate certification. The certification is good news for Ryanair, the largest customer of this version, which is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the more efficient aircraft.

Ryanair, which has 210 B737-8200s on firm order, hopes to take delivery of its first eight this month. Another eight are planned to follow in May. The deliveries are, however, depending on the EASA and the UK CAA also certifying the B737-8200.

Although almost designed specifically to the needs of Ryanair, the MAX200 does have another customer. Vietjet has decided to order 100 MAX200s, next to twenty "normal" B737-8s and eighty B737-10s.

Illustration by Boeing.

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