Boeing set to launch B777XF

Bloomberg is reporting that Boeing is set to launch a freighter-version of its new B777X and that the aircraft might be offcially launched at the upcoming Dubai Air Show which starts on 14 November 2021. According to the news-outlet, Boeing is in active discussions with DHL, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines about its new freighter.

The launch of the freighter would see Boeing go head to head with Airbus, which recently announced its intention to launch a freighter version of its A350. Both airlines are competing for Qatar's business with their freighters and Bloomberg said that a potential deal with Boeing could mean Qatar converts some of its passenger B777Xs on order into the new version.

Although exact details about the B777X are unknown, it's expected to be sized between the B777-8 and the -9, which is similar as Airbus is doing with its A350F, which is sized between the -900 and -1000.

Photo by Boeing.

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