ATSG to invest in A330P2Fs

ATSG's leasing arm, Cargo Aircraft Management, has announced it will acquire and convert twenty A330s, with the first to undergo conversion in mid-2023. The conversions will be done by EFW Flugzeugwerke in Dresden. The addition of the new type to CAM is part of the company's plan to be able to offer more options to its customers. The news was announced after ATSG reported an 8% increase in revenue due to the growth in the cargo aviation sector. 

Next to the 20 A330s, ATSG and CAM have also secured much wanted conversion slots for 47 additional aicraft, which will be the earlier announced A321s and additional acquired B767s. The A321s will be converted by ATSG subsidiary PEMCO, which has a joint-venture with Precision Aircraft for A321-conversions. The B767s will be converted by IAI. CAM expects to take delivery of its first two A321PCFs in 2022.

Photo by EFW.


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