ATSG to add A321P2Fs

The Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) has announced it has acquired two A321s which it will convert to A321PCFs and lease-out via its Cargo Aircraft Management leasing subsidiary. Both aircraft will be converted by ATSG-subsidiary PEMCO in Tampa (FL). Conversion of the first aircraft is to start in the fourth quarter of this year and the second one will be starting conversion in the second quarter of 2022. The A321PCFs are then ready for dry-lease to a Cargo Aircraft Management-customer in the second and last quarter of 2022. It's currently unknown which airframes are involved and which customers will lease the aircraft.

ATSG has decided to accelerate its investments in mid-sized and mid-range freighter aircraft as demand for this type has grown significantly over the last year. Already back in 2017 the company decided to settle on the A321 and create a joint-venture with Precision Aircraft to develop the A321PCF, which was certified by the FAA in last April. According to ATSG, the A321PCF is well suited for air-express service and e-commerce fulfilment over shorter routes and will complement the Group's exisiting fleet of B767Fs. It will also have a much better performance than the B757F and any B737F available.

The Air Transport Services Group consists of various companies in aircraft leasing & trading, aircraft operating solutions, aircraft maintenance & conversion and flight, ground support, material handling and training. Most notable for us are, of course, the three airlines that are part of the aircraft operating solutions branch of the company, which are ABX Air, Air Transport International and Omni Air.

ABX Air has a fleet of twelve B767-200BDSFs, of which one is operated for DHL and one for Astral Aviation. It also operates eight B767-300ERBDSFs, of which three are operated for DHL. The airline has its headquarter at Wilmington (OH), with additional hubs at Cincinatti (OH) and Miami (FL).

Air Transport International has a fleet of four B757-200Fs, seven B767-200BDSFs and 32 B767-300ERBDSFs. Thirty of these are operated for Amazon. ATI is also based at Wilmington (OH) and Cincinatti (OH).

Omni Air International, based at Tulsa (OK) operates a fleet of three B767-200ERs, ten B767-300ERs and three B777-200ERs.

Illustration by ATSG.

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