1st A320P2F takes to the skies

On 8 December, the first converted A320 into an A320P2F took to the skies. The aircraft, D-AAES (2737) was converted by EFW at ST Engineering at Singapore-Seletar, a process that started in March. The aircraft will now conduct a flight-testing program to obtain its certification and EFW expects that the first A320P2F can enter commercial service in 2022.

According to EFW's press-release, the aircraft will be leased through ST Engineering Aerospace Resources to the Vaayu Group, which also plans to add four more A320P2Fs in the coming two years.

The A320P2F is able to carry ten ULD containers, plus one pallet on the main deck, which is four containers less than the A321P2F. It is aimed at replacing older B737Fs, while the A321P2F is aimed at replacing older B757Fs.

Photo by EFW.

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