The Scramble Civil Database
The Scramble Civil Database
Airbus A319   (last updated: 2019-05-16 19:55:00)
Construction Nr/Line Nr1485
Airframe statusOperational
D-AVYVA319-115 (ACJ)Airbus Industriemar01
F-GXFAA319-115 (ACJ)Armée de l'Air - French Air Force10may01VIP outfitt.
F-RBFA *A319-115 (ACJ)Armée de l'Air - French Air Force08feb02
1485 *A319-115 (ACJ)Armée de l'Air - French Air Force08feb02
VQ-BKKA319-115 (ACJ)TAG Aviation Asia12apr11
OM-BYKA319-115 (ACJ)Government of Slovakia15aug17
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