Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LTBPInfo Last Validated:
City:YalovaPosition:40°41'04"N 029°22'33"E
Runway(s):08/26, 18/36Elevation:6 ft

Yalova is a small airfield south of Istanbul. It is used by the Turkish air force academy, mainly for summer camps and gliding operations. Beware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Turkey.


Yalova is a very open airfield, and is easily visible from the main road. You can drive the entire perimeter of the airfield by car. The layout is fairly simple, with only minimal facilities for the small aircraft that can be found here.

Getting There

The airfield is located between the towns of Yalova and Karamürsel, north of road D-575.

Around The Airport
Runway 08/26 south side & southern aprons

Spot 1 is located on the main road between Yalova and Karamürsel. Just east of the main gate a gas station can be found which provides a good reason to stop and pole off aircraft using runway 08/26. Aircraft parked on the southern aprons are seen nose on from here, so the spot is only good for an overview. Photography is not recommended from here.

Southern aprons - east side

Aircraft parked on the southern aprons can best be read from this spot. Follow the airfield perimeter to the east, past the 26 threshold and you will have a clear view. You will have to drive slowly to make sure you will read all aircraft as tails might block each other.

Approach 08 - south side

Spot 3 is only for the brave who would like to graph some action of aircraft approaching runway 08. Just past the gate, keeping the airfield perimeter to your right, you will find this spot. In theory its good for photography, but we can hardly recommend it.

Approach 18 - west side

Probably one of the more relaxed spots a Yalova is spot 4. On the sea side of the airfield a beach can be found from where good views can be had on aircraft approaching runway 18. Photography is good from here in the afternoon, and you will not be visible from the airfield itself.

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