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ICAO Code:EHWO/WOEInfo Last Validated:may17
City:Bergen op ZoomPosition:51°26'57"N 004°20'31"E
Runway(s):07/25Elevation:63 ft

Woensdrecht, situated in the southwestern part of Holland, houses the KLu training squadron with Pilatus PC-7s. Also at this base, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is maintaining most of their aircraft at Logistiek Centrum Woensdrecht (LCW) and uses it as a storage facility.
On the other part of the field, Fokker Services is responsible for maintaining a lot of Fokker products, like F27, Fokker 50, F28, Fokker 70 and 100 and conducts A320 and Boeing 737 maintenance as well. Last but not least Fokker started to complete airliner type bizjets, such as Bombardier CRJs, Airbus ACJ318/319s. Finally AELS (Aircraft End of Life Solutions) dismantles aircraft up to size A300 here. As there is a large storage apron here, a visit to Woensdrecht is always good for some nice, exotic, aircraft.


The airfield is dominated by the Fokker Services complex on the southwest side. The north and east part of the base are occupied by the military. The runway has an east-west orientation. As this is a large base and most of the base is packed with trees not much can be seen from outside, except for the aircraft parked at the Fokker facility and some storage points.

Getting There

You can get to the side of Fokker Services by taking a bus from Bergen op Zoom station to Hoogerheide. Get off the bus after passing the motorway (bus stop Vinkenberg). By car, access is easy via exit 30 (Hoogerheide) of the A4 motorway.

Around The Airport
North side Runway 07

This spot is a dirt road only, but gives a view of the east side of the Fokker Services apron. When aircraft are parked there, this is the only place to see them. It also the best place for photographing aircraft landing and taking off at runway 07, especially in the afternoon.

West side approach

The second half of the Vinkenbergsestraat, the part near the fence, offers a clear view to the north. This makes it a good observation spot for landings on 07, in particular until about 15.00-16.00 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the number of movements is low, but if there is any action this way, spot 2 is fine for photos.

Fokker Services

Certainly worthwhile to check out is the main storage area. It can be reached from the parking lot to the left of the Fokker Services gate, and also from the Vinkenbergse straat (dirt track from spot 2). Simply follow the path along the fence. A concrete wall partially blocks the view but you can have a peek at the beginning and the end of this wall. Therefore the best views are closer to spot 2.

Fokker Services - parking lot

The staff parking is to the right of the gate. This parking is closed with a barrier and is private property, so officially you are not allowed to enter it. Walking onto it generally does not lead to any problems, however. This is the only place to see aircraft parked in front of the maintenance hangars on this side.

Preserved Harvard

Just behind the closed gate here you can see a preserved Harvard. Leaving this spot for spot 5 (the main gate) you are able to see the preserved F-16 (J-260) as well.

The main gate

At the gate here is a Lockheed T-33.

The EMVO apron

On this side, the hangars of the EMVO squadron are located. You may be able to see one or two parked PC-7s here.

Taxi track and threshold runway 25

From this spot, you can take pictures of the PC-7s before take-off. It is only useful during the morning hours. To get here turn right from the Moerkantsebaan at the police dog training area (called Wouwbaan). You can park your car there and walk towards the fence.

East side approach

From spot 8 it is easy to walk towards the approach of runway 25. From this position, you are able to make decent landing shots of the aircraft.

The storage corner

On this spot you can see a part of the storage corner. You can walk along the fence to see more. Based on recent reports, this spot in now seldom used for storage.

If there is traffic landing on 07, spot 2 is a fine location to take photos. EMVO PC-7 L-05 was framed by Johan Pannekoek.
From spot 3, aircraft at the Fokker run-up area can be photographed with some effort. This Kenyan Fokker 70 was caught by Jos Leendertse.
  • 283.125 / 121.680
    Woensdrecht Ground
  • 339.000 / 120.430
  • 281.475 / 123.580
    RAPCON West
  • 372.775
  • 378.650
    Woensdrecht Arrival
  • 264.325 / 132.350
    Dutch Mil (Outside tower hours)
  • T-33, at gate
  • F-16B, on base
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