Airfield Guide
Wiener Neustadt East
ICAO Code:LOANInfo Last Validated:11-2011
City:Wiener NeustadtPosition:47°50'36"N 016°15'36"E
Runway(s):10/28Elevation:896 ft

Wiener Neustadt East is a small general aviation airport in Lower Austria just south of Vienna. It is mostly known for the Diamond Aircraft production line which was established here in 1987. The airport itself has a long history, dating back to before the First World War.


The airport has a east-west runway. On the northwest side and on the south side is the location for the hangars. The hangar in the southwest is for Diamond Aircraft, the hangar in the middle on the south side is for the Flugmuseum Aviaticum.

Getting There

Wiener Neustadt East is located close to the Motorway A2, from Vienna to Wiener Neustadt and further south. Take exit 38 and follow the directions to Wiener Neustadt Nord via the roundabout onto route 21. Via two roundabouts and one crossing, you reach the crossing with route 17. Take a right here and a left at the next roundabout. While seeing the McDonald's you will drive along the airport perimeter, next to Diamond Aircraft, to the airport entrance.

Around The Airport
Landing to the west

Drive along the Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelinstrasse, along the airport perimeter to the end of this road. It continues as a dirt road towards route 21. At the runway end, park your car and position yourself.

Flugmuseum Aviaticum

At the beginning of the Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelinstrasse, you will find the entrance and parking to this aviation museum.

Landing to the east

At the McDonald's you have a good view onto all landing aircraft and a view onto the aprons around Diamond Aircraft.

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