Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:EHVK/UDEInfo Last Validated:03-2012
City:UdenPosition:51°39'23"N 005°42'31"E
Runway(s):06R/24L, 06L/24RElevation:72 ft

One of the two remaining F-16 bases in the country, Volkel houses three squadrons nowadays: 311sq, 312sq and 313sq. In May 2007, 306sq moved to the USA for at least three years. Still, Volkel can be quite a busy place with ample military visitors. Additionally, a medical air assistance helicopter is based here and the Dutch police operate an EC135 from Volkel. There are two nice places on both sides of the runway to watch the planes.


All regular operations take place from the north side of the two parallel runways. On the south side, four shelters house the F-16s that are on a 24/7 QRA stand by and the hangar that is used by gliders. On the north side, a number of shelters and hangars contain the based F-16s. Hardly anything is visible from the outside. An exception to that is the platform near the 06 threshold, where most visitors and the local helicopters are parked.

Getting There

The base is located east of Uden. To get here, head for Uden (probably taking the A50 highway) and follow the signposting towards Volkel (and the air base).
Getting here by public transport takes a while. You can take a bus from either Oss, 's Hertogenbosch or Nijmegen to Uden and change to Odiliapeel there. Take a good look at the bus stop for departure times back to Uden as this bus does not run very frequently.

Around The Airport
Runways 24

On this side, a spotters place is located near the threshold of the main runway (24R). For photographers the sun is on the wrong side most of the time, except in the early morning, but to read off everything, it is a nice spot. Bring a medium-size stepladder for photography.

Runways 24 approach

When runway 24 is in use you can walk into the fields along the fence for landing shots. Please beware that the farmer puts up signs if the crop needs to be protected at some time. Take note of the signs and act accordingly.

The south side

To photograph the moving traffic on the runways without facing the sun, you can go to the south side of the base. This spot offers this opportunity when either runway (24L or 24R) is in use. Bring a medium-size stepladder for photography. To get here park your car next to the road and follow a dirt road to the fence.

Runways 06

Along the road (N264) there are some parking spots. From here you have a good view of the landing and departing aircraft on the runways 06L and 06R. You can also move around a bit from here to find the best spot. This spot also discloses any visiting aircraft parked on the tarmac north of the 06 threshold.

Main gate

Near the main gate, an F-104 and F-16 are preserved, also visible from spot 4.

Alpha jet landing on runway 24. As described it is better to walk away from spot 1 and move into the field to take pictures at the other side of the runway. (Koen Leuvering)
Backlight conditions at spot 1. (Oscar Pluimer)
  • 386.775
  • 291.100 / 136.080
  • 291.200
  • 379.925 / 123.180
    RAPCON South
  • 337.900
    TMA Delta Monitor
  • 362.950 / 363.525
    312sq / 313sq Operations
  • 247.750 / 388.600
    Operations OCC
  • 264.325 / 132.350
    Dutch Mil (Outside tower hours)
  • F-104G, preserved near the gate
  • F-16A, preserved near the gate
  • Another F-104G is also preserved here
More Info
  • The site of Spotting Group Volkel, one of the largest spotting groups in Holland
  • Check the current Notices to Airmen!
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