Airfield Guide
Växjö - Smalland (Kronoberg)
ICAO Code:ESMX/VXOInfo Last Validated:jun10
City:VäxjöPosition:56°55'45"N 014°43'41"E
Runway(s):01/19Elevation:610 ft

The minute airport of Växjö has made its claim to fame by accepting Ryanair flights. The airport has scheduled flights to Stockholm-Arlanda and -Bromma, Alicante, Berlin, Weeze and Visby.

You could say it is conveniently located in central south Sweden, but realistically this means it is far from everything. So if you are looking for peace and quiet, or want to visit the first ever Ikea store at Älmhult some 60km south west, this is your airport.


The airfield has a single north-south runway, no parallel taxi track. The terminal and ramp are on the south east side. Just south of that, the aero club is located.

Getting There

The airfield is north west of Växjö town. From the town exit west bound following the signposts to the highways no.23/25/27/30 and the airport.

From the south, road no.23, take the exit onto roads no.25/27/30 to Halmstad, Göteborg and Jönköping, the airport is signposted as well. You will now be on road no.25. After a short while you can exit to road no.30, Jönköping, Öjaby and the airport. The road leading to airport is right after a little more than 1 km.

Around The Airport
Terminal area

From land side inside the terminal, nothing can be seen. They used to be laid back enough to let you through the security check into the restaurant adjacent to the ramp but security has been stepped up recently, so this is now only possible for passengers.

Just south of the terminal, next to the aero club hangar, you can still see a small part of the ramp.

East side view

Take the road in the north west corner of the terminal area. This bends back to the Nylandavägen but offers views of the ramp and runway.

South east side approach - AM

South of the entrance road to the terminal, there is a track into the woods. Park your car at the entrance and walk to the quarry. Go around it to the fence where you can view the approach to runway 01 as well as the threshold and taxiway.

South west side approach - PM

Around mid-afternoon you have to reposition yourself to the west. Go back to road no.30 and make a right. Immediately after, you can park your car in a sand track on your left. Then you have to walk along the road. Just before the woods start you can position yourself in the approach.

Alternatively, go a bit further north and enter the woods. This can be done at two tracks which are both barred.

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North west side view - Motorbana

Proceed north on no.30 Jönköpingsvägen. At the signpost 'Motorbana' make a right. From the motor cross track you have good views of the holding point and threshold of runway 19. Also good for landing p.m.

North side approach - Återvinning

For morning light and landing shots, go further north and take the exit to the quarry, 'Återvinning jord och grus'. There is obviously lots of truck traffic here, so stay well off the road and outside the quarry itself. If you go north to the water side you are a bit further from the threshold but at least well out of the quarry.

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