Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LRTZInfo Last Validated:
City:TuzlaPosition:43°59'07"N 28°36'19"E
Runway(s):04/22, 16/34 (grass)Elevation:-

All the independent helicopter Grupuls flying the IAR-316B and IAR-330L were disbanded and their bases in Tuzla, Tecuci, Sibiu, Caransebes and Someseni closed in 2001 and 2002. Their helicopters were relocated to other major Romanian Air Force bases where they were assigned to new Escadrilla's under control of the based unit. Nevertheless, military helicopters visit Tuzla on a regular base.

Getting There

Follow Highway 39 from Constanta to Varna (Bulgaria). The airfield can be found on the right-hand side.

Around The Airport
Parking spot

When you have the airfield in sight on you right hans side from Highway 39, take the exit to the Parking. From this higway parking, aircraft or helicopters can be read off.

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