Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LGTPInfo Last Validated:
City:TripolisPosition:37°31'50"N 022°24'13"E
Runway(s):02/20Elevation:2113 ft

This military airfield is used for the 124 Basic Training Wing for the training of the cadets. The airfield is kept operational mainly for fire fighting purposes in the summer, if needed. There are some preserved aircraft on show, which can be seen from outside.


The airport of tripolis has a runway which runs almost north to south. To the west of the runway is a taxiway which can be used as a dispersal for helicopters. To the west of the runway is a small apron, used for the fire fighting aircraft and the preserved aircraft. On this side there are also the buildings for the 124 MBE.

Getting There

The airport of Tripolis is located just northeast of the city of Tripolis and west abeam to the highway E65, which runs from Athens to Kalamata.

Around The Airport

On the Highway E65 take the exit towards Tripolis. After leaving the highway, do not follow the signs to Tripolis but follow the small road which runs along the highway to the north. After a small turn you will cross the highway overhead via a bridge. After the bridge take the second road to the right. If you take the first left, you will position yourself onto the road along the south side of the base. There is a white house under construction which has a good view onto the apron and the preserved aircraft, but also the east runway if used.

South Landings

When you continue onto the beforementioned road, you will cross the runway. This spot is slightly elevated thus giving a nice view onto the apron and the east taxiway.

Main Gate

If you continue onto the beforementioned road, you will end at the main gate. Here you will find the gate guard Freedom Fighter.

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