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ICAO Code:EHTEInfo Last Validated:aug14
City:DeventerPosition:52°14'41"N 006°02'48"E
Runway(s):08/26Elevation:17 ft

This general aviation airfield, between Deventer and Apeldoorn, hosts a lot of light aircraft, several helicopters, twins and small bizjets. Teuge is also in use as a glider airfield and a parachuting centre. Among the flight training carried out from here is aerobatic flying. Several ballooning companies are based at Teuge as well.


The field lies amidst farmlands on the northern edge of Teuge village. The paved 1200 meter runway is the only one left and was redesignated 08/26 (from 09/27) in 2014. The unpaved 700 meter runway has been closed for quite a while. One or two glider strips remain active. The hangars are all built closely together so not everything can be seen from the outside. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to gain access to the field (as with most smaller airfields in the country), just try your luck at the airport manager's office.

Getting There

The nearest motorway exits are on the eastern edge of Apeldoorn (A50 or A1) or south of Twello (A1). The latter provides the easiest access by driving into Twello and taking a left there at the roundabout onto the N344. The routes via Apeldoorn involve entering the city or relying on country roads. However, hourly bus services from Apeldoorn station (service number 15, leaving just after the hour) are stopping right in front of the airport entrance so public transport is definitely an option.

Around The Airport
Main entrance

Both the restaurant and the national parachuting centre offer their visitors a terrace and sun lounge (or similar facilities) right along the aprons and taxiway. This area is also your starting point to try and get airside access. To get airside access: report to the airfield duty officer. She/he may request you wearing a hi-viz smock, and will ask for identification.

Viewing Area

This spot is found by following the main road to the right, in the direction of Stella Maintenance. Just left of the circular building you will find the entrance to this public viewing area. Picnic allowed!

Ilyushin 18

Former Interflug Il-18V DDR-STD was moved to Teuge in April 2009, after having served in Germany as a restaurant since 1992. By the end of July, 2009, the propliner had been converted into a hotel suite and been given a fancy colour scheme. It remains at this spot since then, alongside the southern perimeter airfield road (De Zanden). A few hundred meters from here towards spot 4, at the bend in the road, the preserved Sabre can be found (see under Preserved).

Runway 26

Near the threshold of 26 you will find a perfect location. Landings and departures are close enough for photos, and cars may be parked just off the road. Being south of the runway, the sun is at the right angle nearly all day.

Runway 26 north side

This side of the field offers an excellent clear view, with regular backlight as the only disadvantage. Limited parking space is available off the perimeter road.

Final 21

Parking is not very practical here and runway 21 has been closed, but parachutists tend to land close to the road.

PH-KBA, a Cessna 172 of the KLM Aeroclub, can be seen at Teuge on a regular basis. Photo taken from the hangar area by Bob Fischer.
Il-18 DDR-STD at spot 3, shortly after re-assembly and before having received its current hotel colours. (Erik Sleutelberg)
  • 121.000
    Teuge Radio
  • 132.350 / 128.350
    Dutch MIL
  • Il-18, converted to hotel
  • Canadair Sabre 6, preserved near spot 3 (former Luftwaffe JC+240)
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