Airfield Guide
Taubaté-Base de Aviação
ICAO Code:SBTA/QHPInfo Last Validated:sep06
City:Taubaté, SPPosition:23°02'24"S 045°30'58"W
Runway(s):08/26Elevation:1908 ft

Taubaté houses the main force of the army aviation. Three squadrons, the training and maintenance units can all be found here.


The army air base is part of a large complex with other land force units. The lay out of the airfield is fairly straightforward. It has a huge ramp with large hangars that belong to the army aviation units and maintenance unit. The helicopters tend to make practice approaches and landings on the south side of the runway as well. It is an open base apart from the separate unit gates, such as the airfield gate. The complex itself has a mock castle as gate!

Getting There

The complex is rather difficult to find. It is to the southeast of Taubaté city and although the road leading to the gate is signposted, this will take some navigating through the southern part of Taubaté. Easiest option is to exit BR-116/Pres.Dutra, find Rua San Pedro and keep following that southbound.

Around The Airport
West side approach

The only places to spot the helicopters are on the complex itself. The approach of runway 08 is situated just past the entrance to the airfield. They will come straight overhead and although you can see the airfield, your sight of the approach is limited by trees and a hill top.

East side ramp view

Further down the same road this bends north and you gain some height. From this spot, if accessible, you have an overview of the ramp. Also, many of the helicopters turn in tight or approach from the east. You will be much closer here to these than at spot 1.

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