Airfield Guide
Stauning - Vestjylland
ICAO Code:EKVJ/STAInfo Last Validated:
City:StauningPosition:55°59'24"N 008°21'14"E
Runway(s):09/27Elevation:17 ft

Stauning is probably best known as a centre of warbird flying in Denmark. Many of these warbirds are operated by Danmarks Flymuseum, which is located here. Events are frequently organized during summer months. Some other companies and private aircraft make this airfield worth a stop on your trip to Denmark.


Stauning is not well known for its great spotting possibilities. Farmlands around the airport are mostly deprived of public roads, making access to both thresholds from the south side simply impossible. The airport has a single east-west runway and all facilities, including the museum, can be found to its north side.

Getting There

The airport is located in West Jylland (Jutland), roughly between Skjern and Ringkøbing. Getting there requires some farm road driving skills as the airport is located in a rural area. The best way to go is by driving to either Skjern, from the south, or Ringkøbing, if you arrive from the north. From here, head to the village of Stauning, which is a few kilometers south of the airport.

Around The Airport
Flymuseum & approach 09 - north side

One single good reason to visit this airport is the Flymuseum, which can be found near spot 1, and houses an interesting collection of former Danish civil and military aircraft. From the Lufthavnvej, you can have views of approach 09, albeit from the north side, which makes photography a challenge.

Terminal area & runway 09/27 - north side

The airport has a small terminal with a few scheduled flights daily. Numerous hangars can be found nearby and aircraft are parked all over the place. If activity occurs during your visit, it will be clearly visible. Photography on the taxiway is best in the afternoon, since spot 2 is on the west side of it. For runway pictures the sun will be facing you.

Approach 09 - south side

The only spot known from where to view activity from outside the airfield is located on Stauningvej. From spot 1 and 2, turn left twice, heading towards the village of Stauning. After passing a group of trees, there will be some room to park on the side of the road. Views are distant from here, so bring your 400mm lens, as aircraft at Stauning tend to be of the smaller types. Photography is good all day.

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