Schiphol Public Transport Guide

Spotting locations according to Scramble map

1. Terminal
The terminal location, all trains arriving at Schiphol arrive on underground platforms under Plaza, the central landside mall. All bus lines with a stop at Schiphol Plaza stop in front of Plaza.
Note that no bus has Plaza as a final stop, except some 310 services. All other lines either continue elsewhere or have a staff carpark as final destination, either P30 or P40.
Note that to complicate matters some local busses change their route numbers between P30 and Plaza or between P40 and Plaza. Then continue to other destinations, but not to worry they always pass Plaza.

2.Romeo cargo ramps, Bus stop Pelikaanweg
All busses from Plaza to P30 stop at Pelikaanweg
The remote P-stands will be visible across the A4 motorway from the southbound bus stop. All busses on the northbound stop return to Plaza.  

3. 06 approach
Bus stop De Hoek on 300/310 service to Haarlem/Nieuw Vennep
The bus stop itself gives a somewhat distant but elevated view of 06 approach. A 5-minute walk gets you to the approach lights.  

4. 06 South side
Bus stop Rozenburg or Kruisweg 365, lines 191, 187, 198
Some busses continue south east of the airport, towards Aalsmeer. 2nd stop after P30 staff carpark.  

5. Westside 18L/36R
Bus stop Ganderweg in front of the Cargoterminal of Menzies (Sierra Ramp).
Some busses have final destination Anchoragelaan, but this is the same stop! Bus line 191  

6. Final 36R pm
Bus stop Capronilaan on the 187, or walking distance from the cargo buildings at Sierra, Location #5

7. Final 36R am
Bus stop Oude Meer / Fokker business Park, in front of the Fokker 27.
Bus lines 187. This line is the most complicated service of all. It generally runs from Schiphol East to Plaza but clockwise, while all other services go counterclockwise around the perimeter. Note that this is a line for airport office staff, and sees limited service outside office hours.  

8 Schiphol East
Bus stop Stationsplein
Bus lines 186, 187, 193, 199
There are several stops around this area, including Canadaweg and Building 133. Both 186 and 187 run back to plaza, 186 via the north 187 via the south, make sure your bus is heading the right way.  

9. Runway 22/27
Bus stop Bussluis
Bus lines 186, 193, 199
Coming from Plaza or the North bus station you follow the perimeter fence, just use the first stop and walk 2 minutes.  

10. McDonald's
Bus stop Schiphol Noord Bus station.
Bus lines: 69, 193, 196, 197, 199, 245, 246, 300, 310, 358, N30, N97
A large 8 platform covered bus station opened in 2015, just behind the McDonalds. They hope a lot of bus passengers transferring from one bus to another use this place rather than the overcrowded Plaza stops. Since busses in both directions use the station make sure you go in the right direction!
This is also your starting point when staying at the Ibis Hotel. With direct access to Downtown Amsterdam, Haarlem and Amstelveen 24 hours a day.  

11. Beginning 18L
Bus stop Elzenhof also called P5, or bus stop P40
Bus stop P40 officially only allowed to be used by staff.
Bus lines 69, 186, 191, 193, 196, 197, 199, N30 and N97
Note that R-Net busses, 300 and 310 do pass here but do not stop, except for the night runs as N30.  

12. Final 18C
Bus stop Lijnden, Hoofdweg 199 also called Hoofddorp, Hoofdweg 199 as it is in the middle of nowhere.
Bus lines 145, 161
Neither has any stops near the airport, so you will have to change busses somewhere to get here. There is a lot of construction work in this area, due to the rerouting of the A4-A9 motorway intersection. So traffic including scheduled bus services can be disrupted at times. Bus 145 runs Amsterdam Lelylaan train station to Hoofddorp train station. From Plaza a 300 or 310 bus to Hoofddorp train station or a 194 to Badhoevedorp can connect to a 145 bus. Bus 161 runs from Hoofddorp train station to Halfweg Zwanenburg train station. From Plaza a 300 or 310 bus to Hoofddorp train station or a train to Sloterdijk then change to a local train to Zwanenburg. This train originates at Amsterdam CS.  

13. Vijfhuizerweg
Bus stop Hoofddorp, Vijfhuizerweg
Same story as spot 12 just two stops further south  

14. Polderbaan am
Bus stop Boesingenliede, IJweg
Bus line 161
Although still a serious distance from the actual stop on the IJweg, bus 161 has a stop near the intersection of the OudeSchipholweg and the IJweg. For getting on the 161 see spot 12.  

15. Final 18R
Though several busses pass the N232/N205 intersection non have a bus stop here. Before line 80 Amsterdam to Zandvoort had a stop in the approach to 18R about 1 km out on the A200 road, but this stop is no longer in use. You could now walk from the Zwanenburg-Halfweg train stop to the Haarlem Spaarnwoude train stop, this path crosses both 18C and 18R finals at about 1 mile out and 3 mile for 18C. About a 1 hour walk.

16. Polderbaan pm halfway
17. Polderbaan pm south
This is truly polderland, flat open and empty, no bus service, just tractors and bikes. The nearest bus stop is the 300 stop at the Flowerexpo in Vijfhuizen. This is 2.5 km walking distance, about 30 mins at normal pace. As you exit the bus walk away from the exhibition center and cross the open normally empty carpark, by the end turn right at the roundabout. Then keep following this road, including the crossing of the N205 road at the traffic lights. At the IJweg a mini crossroad like intersection splits your route to either spot 16 or  

Polderbaan all spots
The whole northern section of the Polderbaan runway is surrounded by cycle paths. Welcome to Holland! Bikes are for rent at the train station in Haarlem, just a 30-minute ride from some of the noted spots on this page. This also gets you on the whole path along the Polderbaan and to all the spots that don’t allow parked cars anymore. (14 and 17).

Paying your bus fare.

Things have always been a little complicated on dutch public transport.

Though most bus routes still offer onboard purchased tickets, in some cases these are a rip off. If you plan on making more trips, consider buying a OV-chipcard. The empty card cost 7.50 Euro and is valid for 5 years. This card can be charged with credit for travel, and can be used on all modes of public transport, train, bus, tram, metro. For bus and tram you check in when boarding and check out when getting off, also if you transfer. You need to have 4 Euros of credit on your card to be able to board, also in case of a transit. For metro you need to check in at you first stop and check out at your last stop, no need to swipe the card at transit to another metro. Again 4 Euros of credit needed on the card. For the train you need 20 Euros of credit on your card, even for a little trip like Schiphol to Hoofddorp. You check in at your first station and check out at your last station. Note there are many different kinds of check poles, some can only check you in or check you out or can do both, or are only for paying surcharges (mostly the red ones). Cards can be bought at Schiphol Plaza from the yellow ticket vending machines or the ticket windows. Adding credit to your card can be done by bank card or with a surcharge with creditcard. Cash top ups can be done at the big train stations that still have staff. Some supermarkets also have charging machines, but you cannot charge it on the bus.  Credit and your recent travel history can be checked on the vending machines of the train company (NS). Left over credit can only be refunded to passengers with a Dutch bank account. 

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