Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:SBST/SSZInfo Last Validated:jan08
City:Santos, SPPosition:23°55'31"S 046°17'15"W
Runway(s):17/35Elevation:10 ft

At Santos all air force helicopter training is performed. The base is surrounded by water on the west and north side, and by jungle on the east and some brush land on the base in the south. This makes it virtually impossible to have a good view of the activities, in fact there is only one land side spot. Exploration by boat has not been attempted yet as far as we know...


It is a relatively small airbase. In the northwest corner of the single runway, on the waterfront, there is a ramp and a hangar.

Getting There

From São Paulo you can take a bus to Santos and walk, or take a taxi, to the harbour. Take the ferry to Vicente de Carvalho/Guarujá. From here it will be about 20 minutes walking to spot 1.

Head south on SP-150 from São Paulo. North of Santos take the SP-055 road towards Guarujá, the Piaçaguera Guarujá. After the bridge take the first road into the village on your left, Av. G de Cd. After the smaller river take any street to the right, this will lead to Duque de Caxias, go left on that. You are now driving parellel to the airfield perimeter. The road will become Cunhambebe after the dry river bed. Just after that you reach spot 1.

Around The Airport
South side approach runway 35

Along the southern airfield perimeter the Rod Cunhambebe runs from west to east. Just before it crosses over a dry river bed and becomes Duque de Caxias, there is an open space were the helicopters pass by when using this approach.

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