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Santiago - Municipal de Vitacura
ICAO Code:SCLCInfo Last Validated:mar10
City:SantiagoPosition:33°22'59"S 070°34'55"W
Runway(s):07/25Elevation:2250 ft

Vitacura is a general aviation and glider airfield perched along the northern embankment of the Costanera Norte.


The airfield is cramped between the Costanera Norte highway and the Avenida Santa Maria. It has a east-west runway and the small hangars and ramps are all on the North side.

Getting There

To get to the general area is quite easy, simply follow the Costanera Norte eastbound. To get onto the Avenida Santa Maria is a bit more difficult. From the west, after under passing the Avenida Americo Vespucio Norte, take the first exit; no.8 Santa María. Immediately after that, the road bends left underneath the highway. Make a right after that. You will now be on the North side on Avenida Santa María. After a bend right, the airfield will appear on your right hand side.
Alternatively, stay on the Costanera Norte and take the No.6 Lo Curro exit. You will now over pass the highway. Stay on the left side and go left onto the Avenida Santa María.

From the south you will approach on the Avenida Americo Vespucio Norte. Cross the Costanera Norte and exit right immediately afterwards. Down at the intersection take the second right. Beware, this is obscured from sight by a concrete wall, if you take the road in front of this wall, you will be entering the Costanera Norte again; in the wrong direction. The road under passes the highway, do not enter the highway but keep right. Make a left underneath the highway and go right onto Avenida Santa Maria.

From the east, take exit no.5 Lo Curro from the Costanera Norte. Follow the Avenida Santa María westbound. Go straight at the large roundabout and after a short while the airfield is on your left hand side.

Around The Airport
View through the fence

From the Avenida Santa Maria you can look through the fence at several spots. It is a bit hard to park your car here though.

On the airfield

Far better is the airfield road itself. Proceed to the gate, it is open most of the daytime. If not, ring the bell and ask for them to open the gate. Make a right and you will pass several hangars and ramps from the back. The Chilean Air Force gliders are under the last row of sheds.

The Escuela de Aviación uses three Bird Dogs for tugging gliders.

(spot 2, March 2010, Erwin van Dijkman)

Gliders, like this L-23 Super Blanik, are the main inhabitants at Vitacura.

(spot 2, March 2010, Erwin van Dijkman)

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