Airfield Guide
Santiago - Eulogio Sánchez (Tobalaba)
ICAO Code:SCTBInfo Last Validated:mar10
City:SantiagoPosition:33°27'23"S 070°32'48"W
Runway(s):0/19Elevation:2129 ft

Eulogio Sánchez is the general aviation airfield of Santiago. Lots of helicopters, light aircraft and some small business jets can be found here.


What can we say about the lay-out? It is an inexplicable array of ramps & hangars that are all situated on the west side of the north-south runway.

Getting There

The airfield is situated in the suburb La Reina in the south east of Santiago. From the south follow Autopista Vespucio Sur until it ends being a highway. Make a right at Plaze Egaña, which is the third major cross road. You should now be on Avenida Larrain that runs along the Northern perimeter of the airfield.

From the north, use Costanera Norte eastbound and exit when Tobalaba is signposted. You should take the Avenida Tobalaba towards the south east. Make a left when the airport is signposted onto Avenida Larrain.

From the west, city centre, follow Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins eastbound. Use the Diagonal Paraguay to reach Avenida Vicuña Mackenna. Make a left onto Avenida Irarrázaval. Follow this all the way east, it will become Avenida Larrain later.

Around The Airport
North side approach and taxiway

There is an excellent spot on the north side. You will be able to photograph aircraft landing on runway 19 in the afternoon and also on the taxiway and holding point.
In the morning, you should obviously walk a bit further down the road to reach the east side of the approach, remember it is the southern hemisphere so north = good for light ;-).

Aeroclub de Personal del Ejército

For some other spots it is necessary to enter the airfield premises. The gate is guarded by a private security guard. State your destination, for example the Carabineros or Aeroclub de Santiago, and you will be issued with a piece of paper with a bar code. This can be used to operate the gate. Immediately after the northern gate, the aero club of the army can be found on your right hand side.

Carabineros area

For this spot continue south down the airfield road. At about three quarters of the runway you will find the Carabineros on both sides of the road. The fixed wing area will on your left, east side. The small heliport is on the right. At both the entrance gates you will be able to look into the flight line sheds of either area.

Carabineros heliport

Should the friendly Carabineros folk not allow you onto their premises, then continue south and take the next right. Drive to the end of the hangars and leave the car. Walk over the grass field and you can peak over the hedge. Helicopters that are parked out on the field as well as part of the flight line shed, are easily visible from here.

South side approach

Although runway 19 is the preferred runway, you can also view the proceedings at runway 01. For this spot take the Avenida Tobalaba south east bound until you reach Avenida José Arieta, make a left. After under passing the approach position yourself around the junction with Jorge Alessandri.

  • 121.600
  • 118.700
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