Airfield Guide
Santa Cruz-Bartolomeu de Gusmão
ICAO Code:SBSC/SNZInfo Last Validated:dec07
City:Santa Cruz, RJPosition:22°55'56"S 043°43'09"W
Runway(s):05/23Elevation:10 ft

Santa Cruz air base is south west of Rio de Janeiro and is well known for its distinctive Zeppelin hangar. A large portion of the FAB fighter fleet is based here with A-1, and F-5. The base also houses a maritime patrol unit.


The runway is south west to north east and the aprons are on the north east side as is the large Zeppelin hangar. The base is surrounded by farmland and canals on the north and west side, the coast on the south side and the village of Santa Cruz on the east side.

Getting There

Santa Cruz village is easy to find. It is just south of the exact spot were Avenida Brasil becomes highway BR-101, south west of Rio de Janeiro. Take Avenida Brasil south until you reach the T-junction with Avenida João XXIII. For the gate, go left and right at the T-junction, R. do Prado. The next right should be R. Imperio leading straight to the gate. To go to spot 1, go right at the João XXIII T-junction.

Alternatively, you can drive all the way along the coast from down town Rio. Follow the beach until you get to the Avenida das Americas. Take that until you reach the crossing with Estr. da Matiz, go left. Matiz will head back to the coast and become Estr da Pedra. When Da Pedra starts to go land inward again, make a left onto Estr do Piai, stay on this till it ends at Estr de Sepatiba. Turn right for Santa Cruz village and spot 1.

Around The Airport
North side approach 23

From Avenida Brasil go right and drive westbound on Avenida João XXIII. Find a spot on the north side of this road after crossing the water. The approach aircraft to runway 23 will pass by, albeit a bit high. Just good enough for reading and basically the only place the watch the aircraft here.

  • 121.800
  • 118.800 / 122.900
  • 132.500 / 133.700
  • 121.150
  • F-5EM
  • F-5EM
  • P-95A
  • A-1
  • U-42
  • C-41 (MS760), on base, NE of main ramp
  • F-8 (Meteor F8), on base between buildings
  • P-16E (S-2E), on base, NE of main ramp
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