Airfield Guide
East Sale, RAAF
ICAO Code:YMESInfo Last Validated:
City:SalePosition:38°05'56"S 147°08'58"E
Runway(s):04/22, 09/27Elevation:Elev:23 ft

East Sale airport houses RAAF training training aircraft and is a rather straightforward and open airfield.


The airfield has two runways. The ramps and hangars are all south of runway 09-27, near the west side. From the north side, good views can be had of the whole airfield.

Getting There

The airport is east of Sale town. You can either take Aerodrome Road eastbound out of Sale or leave town northbound on the A1 and make a right onto Cobains Road

Around The Airport
Northwest side ramp view

When you reach the airfield perimeter approaching on Cobains Road, you will see the hangars and ramp and clear most of the parked aircraft.

North side runway and taxiway view

Driving a bit further on Cobains will give you views of both runways and the northern taxiway. Also, it provides some photo opportunities of aircraft in take off.

East side runway 27 approach

Should you wish to spend some time in the approach of runway 27, follow Cobains Road away from the base, it becomes Fosterton Road, until you reach Mawley Road. Make a right. Take the first road to you right, this should be Heart Hall Road. At the second road to your left, make a right on the track towards the base. The aircraft are a still bit high here though.

South side runway 04 approach

An even longer shot, literally, can be taken by following the aforementioned Heart Hall Road and go right onto Lower Heart Road. Work your way around the south side. When the road bends south, away from the perimeter, you will be approximately in the apporach to runway 04. The aircraft will be too high for photography, but you should be okay for reading.

Base gate preserved aircraft

Do not forget to drive down Aerodrome Road to the gate. No spot for active aircraft, but there is a Winjeel preserved at the gate.

Taking off for another training flight is this local Beech 350 (Otger van der Kooij)
Spot 2 and morning light (400mm digital, Erwin van Dijkman)
  • 133.600
    Clearance Delivery
  • 134.100 / 127.250
  • 118.300 / 257.800
  • 350.000
  • 123.300 / 340.200
  • 316.200 / 350.000
  • PC-9/A
  • Beech 350
  • CT-4B
  • Winjeel, gate
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