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March JARB
ICAO Code:KRIV/RIVInfo Last Validated:jul10
City:Riverside, CAPosition:33°52'50"N 117°15'34"W
Runway(s):12/30, 14/32Elevation:1538 ft

March Joint Ar Reserve Base is home of the 452nd AMW with KC-135R's and C-17A's. The California Air National Guard has several units at March. One of those is a permanent detachment of F-16's here on 'Intercept Alert'. They also have MQ-1 Predator pilots here. The Predators itself are located at former George AFB/Southern California Logistics Airport near Victorville, CA. The 163rd ARW is also present as a tenant unit and borrows aircraft from the 452nd AMW.


The airfield has two platforms. The largest one is used by the US Air Force, while the other smaller one in the south is used by DHL. The California ANG F-16's are located in the north part of the platform, followed by the KC-135's and the C-17's in the south part of the platform. The March Field Museum is located on the west, adjacent to the airfield.

Getting There

The base is located southeast of Riverside, directly east of the I-215a. Exits 23, 25 and 27 are adjacent to the airfield.

Around The Airport
March Field Museum

March Field Museum is located adjacent to the airfield, enclosed between the interstate (I-215) and the airfield. It is easily recognized by the red-white-checkered rooftop of the main hangar. Exit 25 on the I-215 (Van Buren Blvd.) will lead to the museum. After taking the exit, turn towards the air field which brings you at the entrance road of the museum. The museum grounds are parallel with runway 14/32. The admission price is $10 for an adult (December 2010) and the museum is closed on Mondays. Between the museum and the airfield is a large fence, but when you stand upon the bleacher seats, that are located near the fence, you'll have a nice unobstructed view. For runway photos you will need about 400mm for take-off/runways shots with the sun most of the day at the back of you. (Parking you car outside the parking facilities of the museum will result in an alerted security force!!). From the museum grounds it is also possible to read off serials of the aircraft parked at the main platform, although heat waves could be a problem.


At this spot you will be able to read some of the C-17's present at the main platform. Staying too long here, can draw unwanted attention by the security forces.

Runway 32 (northside) / DHL

For photos of landing shots, the sun will be a problem over here during most of the day. Only the morning or the late afternoon is preferable for photos (not many mm's needed). You also will be able to read off the serial of aircraft present at the DHL-ramp.

Runway 32 (southside)

From this spot, you see the same as spot 3 but here you have the complete day the sun in your back, so ideal for photos. Only the very early morning or early evening could give some sun/lighting problems. This spot is located at the corner of Nandina Ave and Patterson Ave.

Runway 14

At this spot you have an excellent view over the landing at runway 14 or take-off fro runway 32. Photos could be taken with 70-300mm (crop factor not included). After take-off from runway 32, some aircraft tend to bank in front of you, which could give good photos. This spot is located at the new industrial area, in the corner of Innovation Dr.

C-17 at end of rwy 32 before departure , taken at Spot 4. (Dan Stijovich)
KC-135R of the 196th ARS , taken at Spot 5. (Dan Stijovich)
  • 335.800 / 121.750
    Clearance Delivery & Ground
  • 253.500 / 127.650
  • 324.100 / 133.500
  • 239.050 / 134.750
  • 311.000 / 349.000
    Command Post
  • KC-135R
  • C-17A
  • F-16C/D
  • "MQ-1B" (see General text)
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