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Portorož - Secovlje
ICAO Code:LJPZ/POWInfo Last Validated:
City:PortorožPosition:45°28'24"N 013°36'53"E
Runway(s):15/33Elevation:7 ft

Portorož is the smallest of Slovenia's three international airports and is situated just 300mts of the Croatian border. It serves as the gateway to Slovenia's coast, and the cities of Piran and Koper. Although the airport is very open, saltpans to the north and west of the airport give the aviation enthusiast a bit of challenge.


With a single north-south runway, the lay-out is fairly simple. The terminal area can be found on the east side of the runway, along the main road.

Getting There

The airport can be found 6km south of Portorož along road no.111 to the Croatian border. Its runway can be found parallel to this road on the west side.

Around The Airport
Terminal area

The terminal area can be found easily, as it is signposted from road no.111. For the numbercrunchers its a good way to start your tour around the airport, with views on the platform. Photography is possible too and aircraft leaving the runway can be graphed from here. To score the aircraft parked to the north, head to the next spot.

Approach 15 east side & northern ramps

To pole off the rest of the aircraft, take the private road north on the airport side of the canal. Just before reaching the house, a gate exists. If you park here, you will be able to read your missing registrations and have good views of aircraft on approach for runway 15. Photography is best in the morning, till about 11.00am.

Approach 15 west side

To the west of the airport, defunct salt pans can be found. As the area is frequently flooded we do not recommend going there by car, although in theory this should be possible. Moreover, its is impossible to head from spot 2 directly to spot 3. Instead, you would have to find your way around the south side of the airport. For avid hikers only.

Approach 33 east side

Spot 4 can be found along road no.111 near a house. As the road is fairly busy, we do not recommend stopping anywhere along the road. This spot is best in the morning, till around 11.00am. The southern end of the runway is unstable, hence the touchdown position is about 230m from the threshold, which means aircraft are still fairly high on approach if viewed from this spot.

Approach 15 east side

The road to spot 5 exits road no.111 behind the Slovenian checkpoint of the bordercrossing. The best thing to do is park your car just north of customs and walk around the checkpoint. Take this first dirt road on your right and round the threshold. As with spot 4, aircraft will still be fairly high when viewed from here. The spot is good for photography from around 12.00am.

Take from spot 1, this JAT ATR is leaving the runway. Cor Mout.
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