Airfield Guide
Ottawa - Carp
ICAO Code:CYRP/YRPInfo Last Validated:08-2016
City:Ottawa, Ont.Position:45°19'09"N 76°01'20"W
Runway(s):10/28Elevation:382 ft

Carp is a general aviation airport located some 20kms west of downtown Ottawa. The airport is well known for hosting the annual Ottawa Air Show. Although limited in size, some interesting companies call Carp their homebase.


The layout of the airfield clearly shows its military past, with the typical Canadian triangle runway lay-out. Nowadays the lay-out is fairly simple with all activities taking place north of the single runway 10/28.

Getting There

Coming from Ottawa, head west on highway 417 to Arnprior and Pembroke. At the Carp exit, turn right onto Carp Road. After about 5kms, the eastern threshold can be seen on your left side. Take the first left to the airport, named Russ Bradley Road, after passing the threshold.

Around The Airport
Helicopter hangars

Before entering the airport premises, turn right towards the helicopter hangars. The parking lot is located in front of the hangars, the helicopters are parked on the other side of the hangars. Park your car and walk past the hangars to shoot a few pics on the platform. There's no fence to obstruct your view. If someone is around, you may want to ask first.

Around the hangars

From the same road to the helicopter hangars, views can be obtained. The number of trees hinders your view, so this spot is not good for taking pictures.

Approach 10

Find your road around the airfield from the main buildings and you will appreciate this spot. Photography is excellent here in the afternoon. Both aircraft landing and turning to the runway for departure can be graphed here. Unfortunately, this spot is closed off by police when the Ottawa Air Show takes place.

Approach 28

Although not as good as spot 3, the eastern landing is fairly open as well. Spot 4 is a little distant and small aircraft are usually fairly high when passing your lens. Moreover, runway 10 is mostly in use.

Main platform

You have to be lucky to be allowed access to this spot. During office hours the parking lot is usually open and nobody will bother you. The parking lot is situated in front of the main First Air building and offers good views of aircraft activity. Photography is less good because of backlight.

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