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ICAO Code:ENOL/OLAInfo Last Validated:
City:ØrlandPosition:63°41'56"N 009°36'14"E
Runway(s):15/33Elevation:28 ft

Ørland is located on the west coast of Norway near a village called Brekstad not far from Trondheim. The airfield is located on a peninsula and can be best reached via a ferry from the main land. Because of its remote location, Orland is not visited by aircraft spotters. Still, it has some good viewing opportunities. Ørland is the home Sea Kings and F-16s. Moreover, the NAEW&CF has a base here which means you might find an E-3A AWACS here. Because of its facilities and the vast airspace and ranges, the base hosts various exercises throughout the year, like the NATO Air Meet, the Nordic Air Meet and the Fighter Weapon Instructor Training (FWIT). Air Norway is an airline which was originally intended to transport military personnel to and from the air base.

Beware, photography at military installations is generally not allowed in Norway.


The base has a single 15/33 runway, with all facilities located east of it. Good views can be had at several spots on the west side of the runway.

Getting There

Ørland is a remote base. The best way to reach it is to take the E6 up north to Trondheim. Before you reach Trondheim take the E39 to Orkdal. Follow road 710 which leads you further to the fjords. At the city of Valset you can take the ferry to Brekstad which is located near the base.

Around The Airport
Approach 33 - south west side

If you follow the airport signs from the first roundabout in Brekstad you will pass the air base on your right side. The road is higher than the base at some points which allows you excellent views on aircraft parked in dispersals. If you continue on the road you will pass threshold 33. Park your car on one of the available side roads, and you will have a perfect spotting place. You can take shots with a 100 mm lens.

Runway 15/33 - west side

From spot 1 take the Breidablikveien parallel to the runway On your right the small aircraft hangars from the Ørland flyklubb will appear. Here you have a great view on the runway and the main apron. Aircraft parked on the FOL Ørland ramp from the NAEW&CF can be seen from here as well. Pictures can be made on both the runway and the aprons, best after noon. You may need a small stepladder though.

Approach 15 - west side

Continue on Breidablikveien and you will reach spot 3 near threshold 15, which also is a great vantage point. You can take shots with 100 mm. An overview of the dispersals can be had from here as well. Photography is best in the afternoon.

No big lenses are needed for spot 3. Photo Cristian Schrik
At spot 2, nice pictures can made as well. Photo Kjell Arid Bersas
  • 118.700 / 122.100
  • 308.850
  • 118.250 / 268.200
  • 126.200 / 278.650
  • Luftforsvaret (RNoAF)
  • Sea King Mk43B
  • F-16AM
  • Civil companies
  • SA227
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