Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:HEOCInfo Last Validated:not yet
City:6th of October CityPosition:29°48'44"N 030°49'24"E
Runway(s):01/19Elevation:807 ft

The small airfield of 6th of October city is primarily used for training. It houses the Egyptian Aviation Academy.

Be aware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Egypt!


The airfield has a north-south runway. The academy's hangars are on the north east side. The entrance road to the airfield is guarded, so you have to ask permission to enter. At the perimeter, there is another gate.

Getting There

The airfield is south west of 6th of October city which itself is about 10 km west of the pyramids. From the roundabout north of the pyramids, take the Cairo-El Fayyum desert road. After 5 km, make a right onto the El Fayyum-El Wahat road. Follow this road along the edge of town for about 20 km. Go straight at the roundabout and after 11 km the entrance gate to the airfield will appear on your left.
Alternatively, follow the Cair ring road, crossing the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. Make a right on the T-junction were the ring road stops. You will now be on the EL Fayyum-El Wahat road.

Around The Airport

After entering the airfield make a right were a road forks off. Take the first right towards the hangars. Park your car and walk between the hangars to see the aircraft.


Go back to the road along the buildings and follow this south. You will now see the ramp and flight line.

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