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ICAO Code:EDDG/FMOInfo Last Validated:dec12
City:GrevenPosition:52°08'05"N 007°41'05"E
Runway(s):07/25Elevation:160 ft

Münster-Osnabrück has come a long way from being the tiny airfield known to spotters mostly because of their relaxed air shows in the eighties. Nowadays, the airfield's rapid development has been spurred by the influx of low cost carriers.


The airport has a east-west runway with the main activities on the south side, dominated by the terminal which is on the southeastern side. The southwestern side holds the smaller general aviation and charter business hangars. The northern side has an aeroclub with separate ramp.

Getting There

The airfield is, not surprisingly, northeast of Münster and southwest of Osnabrück. From the south, use exit 76 Greven from the A1 highway and from the north use exit 74 Ladbergen. Follow the signposts.
By train, you can use the stations of Ibbenbuhren, Osnabrück and Münster. Dedicated buses run round-the-clock directly to the FMO terminal from there. The service from Münster is most frequent (twice-hourly during the day, less in the night)

Around The Airport
West side approach

The main K9 road from runs conveniently along the western perimeter. When exiting the airport, go right and right again at the T-junction. Shortly after, about 100 metres, there is a road forking off to the left, enter this road. This is the Hüttruper strasse. You should now be in a good position to watch the western approach. There is no view of the airfield due to walls, though.

Taxiway to runway 07

You can photograph aircraft taxiing to runway 07 here with few mm, although you need a ladder to get over the fence.

Terminal viewing area

Luckily, the terminal has catered for the wishes of viewers by having an airside restaurant and viewing area which are open all year. It is on the first floor in the far northwestern corner (left as you enter) of terminal 1. The restaurant is called Blue Bay.

Ramp and runway view - private road

After exiting the airport and going left, there is a small road left along P5. Go past the parking and keep left to end up in the far corner of the ramp. This is a private road.

East side approach - crashgate

From the small road to spot 4, keep right into the woods and make a left on a small road to the crash gate. It might be blocked off as it goes to an airfield related installation. It offers close views of the taxiway to runway 25 and the threshold.

East side approach

Should spot 5 be unavailable, then proceed on the Hüttruper Heide counter-clockwise around the airport. At the landing lights, there is a small road left. You can not go in here be car because there are some poles, so leave the car and venture south either along the road or farmland field.
Alternatively, there is a track along the banks of the Dortmund-Ems canal which might offer a different perspective for the approach to 25.

At spot 4 you can get up close and personal with taxiing aircraft. (Jack Wolbrink)
  • 121.875 / 314.925
  • 129.800 / 314.925
  • 129.300 / 387.825
    Langen Radar
  • 123.525
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