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Malmö - Sturup
ICAO Code:ESMS/MMXInfo Last Validated:
City:MalmöPosition:55°31'49"N 013°22'18"E
Runway(s):17/35, 11/29Elevation:236 ft

Located in the south-west part of Sweden, Malmö is the base of Malmö Aviation. Regular domestic traffic exists mainly to Stockholm (SAS, Malmö Aviation), but also smaller flights to other places in the country. Ryanair provides cheap flights to other parts of Europe, but other international airlines have dropped their services to here as a result of the opening of the bridge to Copenhagen. The best time to visit the airport is in the early morning or late afternoon as most of the flights are business related.

Getting There

A regular bus service is provided to Malmö city.

Around The Airport
Viewing Area

The official sightseeing area is to the north side of the terminal. From here you can see all of the traffic on the main runway. Pictures are possible at tne domestic ramp and of the taxiing traffic, but the runway is quite a distance from here and you need a big lens (300mm+) to take descent photos on the taxiway and runway.


The terminal is simple but offers good views of the domestic traffic as you can walk all the way up to the end of the main pier. The international traffic is on the other side (the south side) and can partly be seen. For better view of the international traffic, follow the road towards the hangar area.

Hangar Area

A good view into most of the hangars, of the international side of the pier and the maintenance aprons is possible here. Also from the crash gate you have a good view of the runway and main taxiway to the south. This roads are behind a gate but this gate is not manned, so nothing stops you from going there, and, as Swedish people are quite nice, no one bothers as long as you behave yourself..

Fire Training Area

In a remote area at this spot, the fire training area is situated. Among the remains of two Swedish Air Force fighters is the former SAS Caravelle.

Malmö Aviation has its main base here. These two pictures by Mark van der Molen have been taken from spot 1, the viewing area.
This domestic Boeins 737-800 is used on the service to Stockholm-Arlanda. Photo by Mark van der Molen.
  • 123.1
  • 121.7
  • 118.8
  • 135.9
    Malmö Control
  • 135.125
    Malmö Control
  • 129.275
  • This former SAS Caravelle is still in use by the fire department
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  • The Malmö part of the general Swedish CAA site, with info, arrivals, etc. of Malmö
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