Airfield Guide
Ladário - Base Fluvial
ICAO Code: Info Last Validated:oct06
City:Ladário, MSPosition:19°00'18"S 057°35'40"W
Runway(s):HELElevation:331 ft

Ladário has a naval base for river patrols. There is also a small helicopter unit on their complex. Ladário itself is located in the far west of Mato Grosso do Sul province, near the border with Paraguay and on the southern outskirts of the pantanal region.


As said, the complex only houses a couple of helicopters. The unit's hangar, ramp, and helipad are located on the south side of the barracks.

Getting There

Ladário can be reached by taking highway BR-262 from Campo Grande all the way to the west. From that, head north into Ladário and make a right onto Rua Fr. Liberato and then turn left on Rua Riachuelo, make a right on unpaved Avenida do Contorno that runs in a long turn right. At the end of that turn proceed left onto Rua dos Boladeiros.

Around The Airport
South side view

After turning onto the Rua dos Bloadeiros, the perimeter wall will be on your left. Have a peek over it and both the hangar and ramp will be visible.

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