Airfield Guide
Kish Island
ICAO Code:OIBK/KIHInfo Last Validated:
City:Kish IslandPosition:26°31'34"N 053°58'49"E
Runway(s):09R/27L, (09L/27R)Elevation:101 ft

This airport is situated on Kish island and is well known for its regular air show.


The terminal is on the north side. The south side has a military enclave; probably some detachments are kept here. The main runway, the northern one, is out of use (momentarily?).

Getting There

The airport is situated to the southwest of town and occupies a fair portion of the island. Take Daliran west or Mofarid south out of town. This will take you to Sadaf, the road that runs past the north side of the airfield.

Around The Airport

The terminal has five buildings. There is an apron to the west and south. From the terminal buildings and surrounding roads and parking lots, you will probably be able to see most aircraft that are parked on the ramps.

East side approach runway 27L

Simply follow the road along the perimeter clockwise. Either find a spot to the east of this road or south of Hafez that forks of it.

West side approach runway 09R

The road runs all the way south, west and up north again. It is called Khalij-é-Fars on the south side and Nahkl from the roundabout north bound. Find a spot to the west of that road.

Glider airfield

Lastly, there is a small glider airfield between two industrial estates along Imam. This is the road that leads north from the roundabout in front of the civil terminal. Maybe something interesting might be gleaned there.

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