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ICAO Code:EHHV/QYIInfo Last Validated:02-2016
City:HilversumPosition:52°11'31"N 005°08'49"E
Runway(s):07/25, 13/31, 18/36Elevation:3 ft

Hilversum is located in the centre of the country, quite close to Amsterdam. At this small airfield, most of the traffic consists of gliders, parachuting and local sight seeing flights.


This is a big grass area with three crossing runways and hangars on both sides of the field, so getting around is required to see everything. As a couple of sides of the field are surrounded by trees, the approaches can be quite spectacular, with aircraft hopping over the trees. Also, mostly during the summer, busy gliding traffic is present, either with tugs or hoists.

Getting There

As this airfield lies outside of the town, the most convenient way to get there is by taking the Treintaxi from the main railway station Hilversum. Another possibility is taking the city bus to Nieuw Loosdrecht and walk for 15 minutes. Finally, driving there by car is very convenient.

Around The Airport
Main entrance

Most of the hangars are located next to the restaurant at the main entrance, where a viewing area is also present.

Final 13

From the Rading road west of the airfield planes for runway 13 can be seen approaching nice and low over the meadows. Even if you are not particularly into light aircraft this is a fun spot to hang around.

Final 18

An unpaved road leads to riding stables and a large clearing. Aircraft on final can be photographed head-on here, although you will be facing the sun most of the time.

Spot 1 offers good views of all aircraft parked and moving, but also has nice opportunities for shooting aircraft going to or from the fuel pad (Joost de Wit)
Another example of a photo taken from near spot 1, by Ernesto Bauer.
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    Hilversum Radio
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    Hilversum Gliding
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